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100 Windows 10 tips and tricks



100 Windows 10 Tips brought to you by Cleburne PC Repair


Windows 10 is brimming with new and updated features for streamlining all your computing tasks. The new release combines the familiarity of Windows 7 with the functionality of Windows 8.


While you can use some features to increase your productivity intuitively, others arent so forthcoming and require a trip down the menus and settings before they make your life easier.


Weve overhauled our Windows 10 tips and tricks guide by grouping the tips into categories, so its now even easier to find the best Windows 10 tips for your needs.


In this guide well take you through Windows nooks and crannies and help you tweak your Windows installation in a variety of ways to suit your style of working.


Using the tips, youll be able to shave some time off of tasks that need to be performed regularly and streamline your navigation around the system. Well also share tips to help tweak the new features based on your preferences, enabling you to use your new installation productively.


Also make sure you check out our huge collection of guides on how to use Windows 10 to make sure you get the most out of the new operating system.


1. Use Custom Install


When youre setting up Windows 10 on a new PC, make sure you select the Custom install option instead of the default Express install.


Its more involved but lets you modify important aspects of your installation such as the privacy settings.


2. Remove old files after installing Windows 10


If you have no intentions of reverting to the previous version of Windows, you can save disk space by getting rid of the old OS files. Head over to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Disk Clean-up and toggle the Previous Windows installations box in the list.


3. Sign out of Windows


The Power menu in the Start menu only includes options to Shutdown and Restart the computer. To sign in as another user bring up the Start menu and click on your name displayed at the top.


This brings up a menu which includes the Sign out option.


4. New Action Center


Windows 10 includes a new Action Center that keeps track of notifications from all over the system.


Click on the text bubble icon in the system tray and the panel flows out from the right-hand side of the screen.


5. New snap keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard warriors can save time and snap windows without using the mouse. Use the Win key + Arrow key to snap to one of the four corners of the screen and double-up commands to reach the quadrants.


For example, pressing Win + Right Arrow, then Win +Up Arrow places the current window in the top-right corner.


6. Make Windows touch-friendly


If your computer has a touch screen you can manually enable Windows 10s touch-friendly Continuum interface to operate Windows in a tablet mode.


Head to Start > Settings > System > Tablet Mode to manually alter its behaviour.


7. Disable WiFi Sense in Windows 10


If youre worried about Wi-Fi Senses security implications you can disable it by heading to Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings.


Now disable all options and ask Windows 10 to forget any Wi-Fi networks youve signed into in the past.


8. Customise Privacy settings


To take charge of general and app-specific privacy options head over to Start > Settings > Privacy. From here you can also individually define which apps can access the connected hardware like cameras and microphones.


9. Customise Battery Saver


The Windows 10 Battery Saver clamps down on background activities in order to maximise your systems battery.


You can enable it from under Start > Settings > System > Battery Saver. It comes online automatically when the charge drops below 20%.


10. Unlock PC with a fingerprint


Windows 10 includes a suite of new biometric security features known as Windows Hello. If you have the required hardware then you can use fingerprint detection or face recognition to log in.


Head to Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options to explore the various available options.


For more information on using biometric security, check out our guide on how to use Windows Hello.


11. Stream media across the network


Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center and click on Change advance sharing settings.


Then go to All Network section and click the Choose media streaming options link and turn on media sharing.


12. Monitor with Task Manager


Windows 10 also includes an improved Task Manager with a better layout and easily digestible information and useful graphs.


Familiarise yourself with the Task Manager to monitor the resources of your PC and to terminate unresponsive processes.


13. Create a local account


If you dont want the benefits of OneDrive synchronised account, you can create a standalone offline account. Head to Start > Settings > Accounts and click the Sign in with a local account instead link.


14. Contact Support


If you need help setting up a Windows app or are facing any issues, you can use the Contact Support app under the Start > All apps menu.


The app will help you find discussions relevant to your technical problems on the community forums.


15. Arrange windows


In addition to snap, you can arrange windows in other ways as well. Right-click on the taskbar to reveal three window arrangement schemes: namely, Cascade Windows, Show windows stacked, and Show windows side by side.


16. Scroll inactive windows


If you often work with multiple open windows at the same time, Windows 10 lets you save time and effort by allowing you to scroll through inactive windows in the background when you hover over them.


17. Snap windows to corner


Windows 10 includes a Snap Assist feature which lets you snap two windows side-by-side by offering you a choice of windows to snap. Also, to snap a window to a quarter size of the monitor, just drag the window to a corner.


18. Use Virtual Desktops


Windows 10 finally lets you add multiple virtual desktops. For this, click the Task View button on the taskbar and then click on New desktop button.


For more on how to use Windows 10s virtual desktops, check out our in-depth guide.


19. Peek at the desktop


Right-click on the thin button at the far right end of the taskbar and choose Peek at desktop. Now when you roll the pointer over it, itll show you a quick preview of the desktop and revert back when you move away.


20. View apps from across desktops


By default the taskbar displays windows and apps from the current desktop. To change this behaviour, head to Start > Settings > System > Multi-tasking > Virtual Desktops and select the All desktops option from the pull-down menu.


21. Move Windows between Virtual Desktops


To move windows, bring up the Task View and drag an open window from the current desktop straight into the desktop you want to move it into. Or drag a window to the new desktop button in order to create a new virtual desktop for the window.


22. Get back icons on the desktop


For easier access to certain key locations on your computer, head to Start > Settings > Personalisation > Themes. Then click the Desktop icon Settings and select the icons you want to place on the desktop.


23. Manage notifications


To customise which quick action icons are displayed in the Notification Center, head to Start > Settings > System > Notifications & actions and then click on the four icons displayed to select a different icon from a pull-down list.


24. Shake to minimise


To declutter your screen you can quickly minimise all open windows except the one youre viewing currently. Just click, hold and shake its title bar.


Repeat the action to restore all minimised windows.


25. Enable jumplists


You can save considerable amount of time by using Jump Lists with the most used apps. Open the Settings app from Start Menu and go to Personalisation > Start and enable the last option if you wish to see jump lists on Start Menu and Taskbar.


26. Colourise Start


The default colour of the Start Menu doesnt please all eyes especially after several hours of use. To pick your own colour, head to Start > Settings > Personalisation > Colours and disable the Automatically pick an accent colour from my background option and pick an accent colour from a palette.


27. Streamline Start


If you dont want Start Menu to show the most used programs in left-side pane, open Settings app from Start Menu and head to Personalisation > Start and set the Show most used apps option to Off.


28. Hide Recently opened apps


Similarly, if you dont want Start Menu to show you


r recently opened programs and files, head to Settings > Personalisation > Start Start and toggle the Show recently added apps option to off.


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Windows 8 or 8.1 are not operating systems that I would recommend, but if you have a computer with these versions here is an article with some great tips about how to make the best out of it.


Every Windows computer gets slow and sluggish by the time we use it, since we install numbers of program and store many files into the computer, and system starts using more resources and different services runs in the background which also consume unnecessary resources, windows 8 & 8.1 uses high system resources than previous versions of windows like XP and Windows 7, Since windows 8 offers more functionality and system security it does consume more RAM and Processor to make any program run smooth. Whatever Microsoft tries to make windows 8 faster but it get slower and slower by the time we use it, there are following reason why windows 8 & 8.1 gets slow



Windows acquires Junk files rapidly.


Inbuilt windows look and appearance features.


Performance based on power consumption.


Default folder and search options.


Unnecessary system services.


Lots of startupprograms.


Fragmented Files.


Unnecessary Programs and software.


Registry problem and errors.


Malware, adware and Viruses into Computer.

So above are the possible cause which slows down a Windows 8, 8.1 computer, now lets find the way to fix these problems and make windows 8 faster.


Now to overcome the Slow Windows 8 Problem here is the ultimate tips which will surely makewindows 8faster than ever. Since window 8.1 is not much different than windows 8 so this tutorial also works on windows 8.1 without any problem. By any chance if your computer is too slow to perform any task even these optimization try to boot your windows 8 computer in safe mode.


1. Disk Cleanup And Junk Removal


Open My Computer and Right Click on C drive and go to properties from there click on Disk Cleanup.



it may take time depending on the amount of junk files into your computer, once the scan is complete select every option and click on OK to delete them.




After this download and install CCleaner and run it once, it will find junk from other areas of your computer and delete them within few clicks.


2. Customize Windows appearance and Disable Animations


Windows default shadows and Animation reduces system performance, by choosing the appropriate look and feel you can drastically increase windows 8 performance, follow these steps-



Press Win + R key together and you will get RUN dialog box.


Type sysdm.cpl and hit OK.


Youll get System Properties dialog Box now click on Advanced tab and again Click on Settings under Performance option.




Now Uncheck Following Options

Animatecontrols and elements inside windows

Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing

Animation in the Taskbar

Fade or slide menus into view

Fade or slide ToolTips into view

Fade out menu items after clicking

Save taskbar thumbnail previews

Show shadows under mouse pointer

Show shadows under windows

Show translucentselection rectangle

Slide open combo boxes

Smooth -scroll list boxes

Make it looks like the image at the right-hand side, after unchecking these options click on Apply then OK. This tips has major contribution to make windows 8 faster.


3. Adjust Power Options


Windows 8 can be optimized by adjusting the power options, if you dont care of little extra power consumption by your laptop or desktop then adjust it for higher Performance, to do so


Open control panel and go to Power options from there select High Performance.




4. Change Folder and Search Options


By default windows 8, 8.1 have the folder and search options which you may not be using, disabling such option improves windows performance up to optimum level. Follow these steps



Open File Explorer and Go to View option, from there click on Options.


Now Click on Change folder and search options and you will get Folder Options dialog box.


Click on View Tab there and uncheck the following options

Display file size information in folder tips

Hide empty drives in the Computer folder

Hide extensions for known file types

Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color

Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items.

After un-checking the unnecessary options hit Apply and OK.




5. Stop Unnecessary Windows Services to Start Automatically


Windows 8 & 8.1 has many such services which start automatically even you dont need them to run, they keeps running in the background which consumes system resources and make your computer slow, so it is always a good practice to strict such services to start automatically, below are the steps to do this



Press Win +R key together to open Run dialog box.


Type services.msc and hit OK, and you will get the list of services.


Now mark these services to run Manually by Right Click on service name > Properties > Startup Type and Select Manual and Hit Apply and OK, Services to be marked as Manual are

Diagnostic Policy Service

Diagnostic Tracking Service

Offline Files

Performance Logs and Alerts

Print Spooler (If you dont use printer otherwise leave it Automatic)

Program Compatibility Assistance

Secondary Logon

Windows Error Reporting Service

Windows Image Acquisition.

limiting above windows services results in faster access to the required windows services.


6. Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs


When you boot into the computer there are many programs which start itself with windows startup and keeps running until you manually close them, it is advised to disable startup programs in order to fast boot up of Windows.



Press clrl+shift+esc keys together and it will open task manager, now go to Startup tab.


Find the Unnecessary Programs and Right Click > Disableyou can disable all startup programs.

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I thought this was a great tips for new computer users that teaches how to connect to the internet, etc.


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Whether you are using a mobile phone or personal computer for browsing, you likely have come across music, photos, videos or documents that you want to download. However, if you are not careful you will inject virus like trojan or Raila Odinga virus in your system especially if your antivirus is weak and sooner than later, your device may start exhibiting unusual symptoms. You definitely do not want to go through this. To keep your devices safe, check out these exciting tips shared by, Africas No.1 hotel booking portal so that you can download anything online without any hassles.


Check the websites with friends


quite a number of people have an online presence, some of them must have downloaded from the site. Alternatively, you can ask your friends to recommend a safe site to download. Do not really on Google to give you results of websites to download. These sites may not be safe.


Up to date virus checker


Click Here To Subscribe To Our BBM Channel! Add Pin: C001AE1AD Or Search Official Olodo Nation To Get Live Updates.
There are virus checker extensions which you can download that will help you check if it is safe to download or not. Hence, when next you want to download ensure that you activate the virus checker and ensure that it is up-to-date.


Download from reputable sites


There are thousands of sites which you can download movies. But this does not give you the pass to download movies indiscriminately. Unless you want a virus ridden system, make use of the virus checker that will help you determine whether the site is safe or not.


Save files before opening it


There are files you may not make use of immediately. You want to save it for later. After saving and downloading the file, do not open except you scan. This is safe because if your antivirus detects any virus, you can simply delete it before it swims into your system.


Read reviews before downloading


Depending on what you want to download, the reviews of other users can help you decide if you should download or not. Most times if you want to download a game, reviews will tell you if you should download the game or not and if it is safe to download from the websites. Also, the ratings of the page can also help you decide if you should download.


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Soon to start your first job? Keen to become more productive at work? Read on to find out how to save up to 8 days a year with these essential computer tips


Are you nervous about joining an office environment? Are you wondering what sort of hidden/soft skills youre expected to have? Well, weve made a list of basic, but essential things you should know how to do on a computer, most of which are work applicable. Even if you dont need to set up anti-virus software for the entire office, its worth knowing how things work so you can effectively communicate with your IT department when something goes wrong.


Check through the list, and if there are things that you cant do, or dont even understand, go and learn about them! The more you can offer an employer in the way of skills, especially technical, the better chance you have at finding a job. Not to mention, you can demonstrate your keenness to self-improve, and in turn, enhance your employability.


1. Save time with shortcuts


If you dont know CTRL-Z by now, then give yourself a slap on the wrists. A calculation by Brainscape suggests we could save 8 days a year of time by using shortcuts! EIGHT WHOLE DAYS. Lets run through some of the easiest ones with this handy little infographic weve made you (Youre welcome)


2. Clear out all the junk


Ever wondered why Yahoo is your default search browser? Is your computer running slower than normal? What are those random icons on your start bar? You probably need to clean up your computer and remove all of that junk thats slowing you and your computer down. Try a tool like CCleaner to clear out all the unnecessary temporary files, cookies and affectionately named crapware. In the future, try and carefully read all those clauses youre agreeing to when downloading something to your computer (i.e. Set Yahoo as Homepage?). But, either way, CCleaner will help you out.


Wouldnt it be so easy if you could access your home computer while youre out and about? Well, guess what? You can! There are a few ways to do so, such as storing your documents on the cloud, i.e. a Dropbox account, or by actually accessing your computer from another computer. You can use the inbuilt Windows Remote Assistant, but we wouldnt recommend it. Instead, try the free app, TeamViewer. Its easy to setup, you just need to have it downloaded on your home computer, and the computer you want to use for remote access (e.g. I have it on my home laptop and work computer). Then you need to make sure both computers are logged into TeamViewer, and then they can connect. Easy!


4. Instantly share a file with another computer


It does depend on the size of the file, but there are various ways to transfer documents quickly to your friends or colleagues. You can use instant messaging services, such as Skype, team collaboration apps like Slack, online (up to 2GB) file transfers with WeTransfer, upload to Dropbox and share the link OR just use the inbuilt function in your system. Both Mac and Windows have inbuilt sharing functions when youre connected to the same local network. These involve a quick bit of setup, and then you simply drag and drop any file onto their system. More tips can be found here.


5. Keep your personal information safe


The internet is not a safe place. If youve watched Mr Robot, youre probably incredibly paranoid about how secure your online activity is and so you should! But its not that difficult, you just need to spend a little bit of time getting set up. There are thousands of How-Tos on this topic, so dedicate a few hours to researching and implementing these safety nets. Dont have time right now? Well, here are a few essential tips:


Dont use the same password/email combo on more than one site.
Make secure passwords that dont contain personal words, like your pets name.
Dont use public Wi-Fi networks without protection.


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The humble desktop PC or laptops have become the workhorse of the business world. Lacking the glamour of a smartphone or tablet, their importance can often be forgotten.

Whilst your desktop or laptop may not have had a fancy launch party from the manufacturer, create buzz on social media or be adorned with a fancy cover. Yet as a key part of your business it does deserve some tender loving care.

When your laptop or desktop is not working is running slow it can affect the productivity of individual employees and even your company as a whole. The good news is there are a few simple things you can do to that will help keep your businesses computers running smoothly.

Keep Your Desk (top) Tidy

It is tempting to create shortcuts and keep folders on your desktop. Too many can slow the start-up process as the computer loads all these icons and documents as part of the process.

Dont Run Too Many Programs/Tabs At Once

Each computer only has a certain amount of processing capacity, every program you have open takes up some of this space. If too many programs are open at the same time the computer will slow down and become less responsive.

A simple fix is to close down programs you are not using, there may also be some running you are not aware of.


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